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Cholera Outbreaks in Central and West Africa: 2020 Regional Update – Week 1-13 [EN/FR]

Cholera outbreaks in Cameroon, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019 continue into 2020. Overall, the cumulative number of cholera suspected/confirmed cases at week 13 in 2020 is 7,803 cases lower than in 2019, which was 8,273 cases for the same period in the West and Central Africa region. In Cameroon and Nigeria

West and Central Africa Region COVID-19 Situation Report No. 5 (Reporting Period: 1 – 30 June 2020)

● The total number of COVID-19 positive cases is nearing 100,000 in all 23 countries in West and Central Africa, four months after the first case was reported in Nigeria. By the end of June, there were nearly 2,000 deaths, a mortality rate of about 1.9 per cent. Two of every five patients were still

Niger: Population Flow Monitoring Dashboard #35 (Period: 1 — 31 May 2020)

INTRODUCTION: IOM works with national and local authorities and local partners to identify and understand migration movements in West and Central Africa. Flow monitoring is an activity that quantifies and qualifies flows, migrant profiles, trends and migration routes at a given point of entry, transit or exit. The data collected provides an overview of migration