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Global Price Watch: May 2020 Prices (June 30, 2020)

• In West Africa, market supplies were adequate but below last year due to production deficits and COVID-19 related disruptions. Demand increased with seasonal stock depletion but remained below average especially given the limited purchasing power and cross-border trade restrictions across the region. Insecurity-related market disruptions persisted in the Greater Lake Chad basin, the Tibesti

COVID-19 Discussion Paper #1: Gender & the COVID-19 Crisis in Conflict-Affected Contexts

As COVID-19 spreads to conflict-affected areas, the pandemic creates new challenges for already strained health systems and social relations. Poverty, conflict, social norms and gender discrimination make women and girls more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and less likely to access critical services including general healthcare.1 They also face economic disruption and increases in gender-based violence.2

Mixed Migration Centre: COVID-19 global update #5 – Impact of COVID-19 on refugees and migrants

This is the fifth update on the situation for refugees and migrants on mixed migration routes around the world in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, based on data collected by MMC in Asia, East Africa, Latin America, North Africa and West Africa. As MMC moves to a new phase in its data collection, this update

Displacement Crisis: New Paradigm and Struggle for Behavioral Change

The increasing number of displaced people worldwide has led the international community to rethink its approach to displacement and migration. It is in this spirit that the New York Declaration, the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) and the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) have come to life between 2016 and 2018, under the auspices of

FDFA supports ETH Zurich project to produce affordable ventilators for developing countries

Many countries are facing a severe shortage of ventilators. Access to this life-saving technology is critical for people with breathing difficulties, such as patients suffering from COVID-19. The FDFA is therefore making a humanitarian contribution to the production of simple and affordable ventilators. Through start-up financing, it is supporting an ETH Zurich project to produce

Global Wake-Up Call by António Guterres

From COVID-19 to climate disruption, from racial injustice to rising inequalities, we are a world in turmoil. At the same time, we are an international community with an enduring vision – embodied in the United Nations Charter, which marks its 75th anniversary this year. That vision of a better future — based on the values

Global Diaspora Coalition: Message of Solidarity with Victims of COVID-19 Related Xenophobia, Discrimination

Geneva- Leaders of diaspora and community organizations from around the world are coming together today to send a clear, unified message of solidarity with those facing xenophobia, discrimination and even violence due to COVID-19. More than 200 federations and associations supporting diaspora communities in over 150 countries signed a joint statement over the past month

Coronavirus invisible victims: Children in monetary poor households

End of May, Save the Children and UNICEF presented estimates of children in living monetary poor households and looked at various scenarios of how COVID-19 could impact them. Our analysis revealed that even before the pandemic hit, 586 million children – almost 1 in 3 children in low- and middle-income countries – were living in

Disasters meet political unrest, displacing millions in East Africa

An unprecedented overlap of natural and man-made disasters are plaguing the Greater Horn of Africa region. We have seen one million displacements in two months, communal tensions reignited, and pre-existing vulnerabilities exacerbated. In recent weeks, our news channels have been flooded with stories about the Covid-19 pandemic, political and social unrest around the world, natural