2014 Mosi Lager Zambian Music Awards nominations

Mosi music Awards

From left to right Award Nominees: Slap D, OC, Mampi and Afunika

The Mosi Lager Zambian Music Awards, which were launched in 2012, and showcased its first awards ceremony on February 22 2013, will take place again this year.

The nominations are normally done through public voting votes mainly through social media.

The National Arts Council has partnered with Zambia Breweries in a deal that is worth K1 billion. The Mosi Larger Zambian Music Awards aims at recognizing excellence in the Zambian music industry which has now made a breakthrough on the international scene after being in the doldrums for a long time.

The 2013/14 Mosi Lager Zambian Music Awards nominations were announced by the chairperson for the adjudicators’ panel, Jaggari Chanda, at Hotel Intercontinental Lusaka, on Thursday.

The awards are said to take place on February 21 2014.

Rappers such as Slap D who went home with seven awards last year, this year has only been nominated in two categories; Best Mainstream Artist and Best Hip Hop Album.

He promised his fans that he will remain calm and confident saying …” I like things to unfold at their own time. Whether I win or lose, I am sure I worked hard last year as well as this year. We will leave it to the public to cast their votes and decide upon who gets what.”

Whilst, on the other hand Afunika has three nominations falling under, best Mainstream, best song Writer and Best Ni Yatu (Zed Beats) category.

Afunika is one artist to look out for, just as his name means, “he is needed”. The list of nominations is as follows:

1. Best Mainstream: Slap D, Macy II and Afunika

2. Best Hip Hop Album of the Year: Kopala Swagger, Ruff Kid and Slap D

3. Best Live Recording Album: Marsha, Sakala Brothers (Born in Matero)and Papa Bruno (Ndeyobela)

4. Best New Artist Award: Cleo Ice Queen, F’Jay and Muzo
5. Best Mainstream Female Artist Award: Mampi, Judy and Salma
6. Best Gospel Male Artist: Pompi, Papa Bruno and Abel Chungu
7. Best Gospel Female Artist: Rachael Nanyangwe, Suwilanji and Karen
8. Best Gospel Album: Magg44 ( Jijue), Abel, Worship of the love Revolutionary and Sobre (Heart of the Giant)
9. Best Songwriter: Afunika, Chali’Bravo’ Mulalami and Roberto
10. Best Bass Guitarist: Sheba Chintu, Jerry Fingaz and Sebastian Mutale
11. Best Keyboard Player: Kelvin Siyandi, Cosmas Zani and Blessingtone Malenga
12. Best Drummer Award: Charlie Chax, Mutamula and Easton Mwape
13. Best Sound Engineer: Mission Press (Brian Michelo), Sound Wave (Ringman), Snaika Sounds (Kashempa Chingaipe)
14. Best Lead Guitarist Award: Uncle Rex, George M’lauzi and Sir Jones
15. Best  Ni Yatu( Zed Beats) Album: OC (Folo Folo Me), Afunika (Cimusebo) and Pilato (Just Stupid)
16. Best Kalindula: James Chamanyazi (Antu Ndiwo), Tusole (Mwana Nabutema) and Kapalu Lizambo ( Washisa Nganda)