2 Nyiombo workers arrested for fertilizer theft

POLICE in Mwinilunga have arrested a depot manager and a security guard

for Nyiombo Investment for theft of over 2,000 bags of top dressing


Deputy Commissioner of Police in North Western Province Bonnie Kapeso who

confirmed the arrest said the police were thoroughly investigating the


Sources at Nyiombo Investment in Mwinilunga revealed that the depot

manager identified as Mutembo Joseph, 49, and Brown Kaumba, 54, a security

guard, were arrested yesterday and charged with theft of 2,215 bags of

urea fertilizer which have gone missing.

The sources said the missing fertilizer is what remained after Nyiombo

finished delivering the commodity under government’s Fertilizer Support

Programme (FISP) in Mwinilunga.

“These are the ones responsible for the depot and the matter was reported

yesterday that fertilizer is missing by the regional manager for Nyiombo

Investment in North Western province Mr. Kondwani Fisale.