ZNBC Jam Main News With PF’s Mangango Activity

The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation has caught on the lead from the bulk of government ministers at the on-going campaigns for the Mangango by-elections by dedicating half the news to the PF campaign team.

With Vice President Guy Scott commanding an army of public media scribes and some ministers also never losing a moment to commandeer cameras, the national broadcaster finds itself trapped in the political shenanigans of the ruling party angling in with every imaginable development aspect of the largely rural and underdeveloped Mangango seat.

Scott’s stop-overs at chiefdoms took the lion’s share of publicity with his rally at Kamitondo making the news while Transport and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga also had his moment in the sunshine promising railway and road development.

Four other political parties are campaigning in Mangango listed as MMD, UPND, ADD and Fourth Republic Party.

The Mangango seat fell vacant after the nullification Taundi Chiseke by the Supreme Court.

Poll day is set for August, 19.

Source : Zambia Reports

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