Zicta Resources Abused By PF Cadres

A Zambia Information, Communication and Technology (ZICTA) board member has bemoaned rampant abuse of resources at ZICTA by a Patriotic Front cadre and board chairperson Emmanuel Mpakata Musonda.

The board member who sought to be anonymous has told the Zambia Reports in interview that Mr. Musonda directed ZICTA management to buy him a brand new Nissan Patrol when he was just a part time person.

“We need help from the Minister in-charge. You know ZICTA has bought the board chairperson a brand new Nissan Patrol. To be a board member it is part time so why should ZICTA buy the chairperson that expensive when he is just part time. Imagine if all of us board members had to be bought vehicles,” the board member lamented.

The source said though the PF wanted to reward its loyal members, it is important that public resources were protected. Yes the party can reward its loyal members but to buy a board chairperson a vehicle is total abuse of public resources,” the source said.

The source said Mr. Musonda was already benefiting from the many tenders he is awarded by ZICTA and so no need for him to continue plundering ZICTA resources.

Source : Zambia Reports

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