Zambia Govt Investigates Unlicensed Mining By Chinese Operator

Mines Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has said it is interested in the illegal mining activities currently being undertaken by a Chinese firm China Jiangsu International Limited, which is linked to Chietainess Nkomeshya’s daughter, Elizabeth.

The minister said the government was interested in the matter because it does not encourage illegal mining activities in the country.

He said the matter involving the Chinese firm and Chieftainess Nkomeshya companies and the legal owners of the prospecting land Vikram Investments Limited was before the courts.

He said the government did not want to be seen to be commenting on matters there were before the courts of law.

Mukanga said the government would only be able to adequately resolve the matter after the court ruling on the injunction sought by Vikram Investments Limited to restrain China Jiangsu International Limited from mining illegally.

“I am aware that a Chinese company in the name of China Jiangsu has invaded a mining area belonging to Vikram Investment Limited and has even started its illegal quarrying and mining activities. But the eviction this this Chinese company will have to wait until the High Court disposes of the matter. As you are ware, Vikram has gone to court and have obtained an injunction restraining the Chinese company from continuing with its illegal mining activities. For now, my hands are tied and I do not want to interfere with the court process. Until such a time when the matter will be disposed by the court, I am not ready to comment on the matter, Mukanga said.

The Chinese company, China Jiangsu International has encroached into the prospecting licence for Vikram Investment Limited in Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s area.

From investigations, China Jinagsu International Limited is allegedly being used by Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s daughter Elizabeth, has two companies registered in her name that of her husband Lennard Kawanu and these are using China Jiangsu as a front to conduct illegal mining in Chongwe.

Nkomeshyas’s companies are Busoli Development Company and Skyline Quarry Limited.

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma said that he was not to reprimand China Jiangsu, Skyline Quarry Limited and Busoli Development Company Limited for illegal mining.

Yaluma said government was aware China Jiangsu had invaded a prospecting area under the exploration and quarrying licence number 16703-HQ-LPL for Vikram Investment Limited.

He said the eviction of the China Jiangsu from Vikram mining area would have to wait until the court process was over and that he was not going to commit contempt of court.

Recently, the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) summoned the China Jiangsu International over the encroachment, but the Chinese ignored the summons.

Source : Zambia Reports

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