Why is Draft Constitution Not at State House? [analysis]

Civil society grand coalition vice chairperson Judith Mulenga has wondered why the draft constitution is back at the Ministry of Justice instead of State House.

Mulenga wondered why President Michael Sata was reluctant to receive the document when he was always available even for trivial ceremonies at State House.

She said the Technical Committee had done better by dumping the document at the ministry so that people see who is delaying the whole process and avoid the blame game that has become characteristic of government.

She said the Technical Committee had provided an easy target for government in their ducking the constitution making process.

“Why is the government not willing to receive the draft constitution? Why is it back at the Ministry of Justice?” she asked.

“At least the Technical Committee is not going to be used as a scapegoat anymore.”

The Technical Committee were recently ordered to surrender the 10 copies of the draft constitution to the Ministry of Justice after it was made public that they had been operating at the secretariat drawing payment as they waited to be given a go ahead to receive the document.

Source : Zambia Reports

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