What a Double Impact Hip Hop Bash!

TWELFTH April started just like any other day, everyone busy with their own thing.

But it was no secret among the young people that Ndola Swimming Pool was where it was happening, this was the place to be, at any cost.

Word had spread like wild fire that Hustlers Ambition was holding a hip hop bash featuring Chef 187 from the Kopala Swagg crew and Bobby East from the XYZ.

Hustlers Ambition had announced that the Double Impact hip hop bash was to begin around 09:00 hours in the morning, and the curtains would come down only around 19 hours.

A check at the Ndola Swimming Pool around 10 hours found only a few young people loitering outside, while others were already finding their way inside.

But things started changing by midday, the venue for one of the hottest hip hop gigs started dwindling in size as the crowd started to increase in number.

Young people were everywhere inside the venue were more than 800 young by 15:00 hours.

The atmosphere was electric and everyone was busy telling their stories of having met Chef 187 or Bobby East somewhere.

And then came the time – Chef 187 came to the stage around 16 hours, and the crowd went wild.

Being one of the most famous hip hop artistes, Chef 187 was able to keep the crowd on its feet as he performed his hit songs like Chali Kale, Shofolo Ni Mic, Foolish Me and others.

But the young people could almost not contain themselves when Chef 187 performed his most happening song at the moment – Spokesperson almost everyone was bouncing to the rhythm and singing along.

The show later featured on stage one of Hustlers Ambition’s founders, Fresh Chippa.

Apart from organising the event with fellow manager David JDKP, Fresh Chippa took to the stage and wowed the young revellers with his song Mona Mubongo.

It was now time for the other side of the Double Impact to take to the stage the young people could not hold their excitement as Bobby East of the XYZ crew was called to the mic.

Even if Ndola youths had not seen Bobby East perform in a long time, the artiste was able to connect with his audience right from his first song – Paloma.

It seemed like the young revellers knew the entire song by heart: “Pa-pa-pa-… ..Paloma,” they would shout, as they lifted their hands in a way known only to the lovers of hip hop.

After a short power outage, which caused the young people to almost lose their sanity, Bobby East came back to the stage to complete his side of the coin.

The XYZ artiste flipped songs like Stoppila Sunzu, Bana Mulenga, Ku Matero and Hate Mail, which also received wild applause from the excited fans.

Talking about the show after all was said and done, the managers of Hustlers Ambition, Fresh Chippa and David JDKP, said they were impressed with the turnout and promised to bring an even bigger hip hop gig in the near future.

“Our aim is to make sure we keep moving a step higher every time we organise a gig. As you might know, young people are longing for such come togethers, and we want to make sure we don’t disappoint them,” Fresh Chippa said.

“Yeah, that is exactly what we want to do. Today we might have used Ndola Swimming Pool, but we are still aiming higher. We even dream of the day when we will extend our horizon beyond the borders of our country,” David JDKP said.

“But for now all we want is to make a solid foundation. We want Hustlers Ambition to represent only the best, high quality gigs, and we know we can do it,” David JDKP added.

Hustlers Ambition thanked all the hip hop fans for attending the Double Impact bash, and promised more exciting gigs in the future.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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