Uphold Christian Love Values – KK

FIRST Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has implored Zambians to stick to Christian values of love that will bind the nation together.

Dr Kaunda said Zambia could only continue to uphold peace by upholding Christian values using the teachings from his favourite slogan ‘One Zambia One Nation.’

He said Biblical values ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself and do unto others as you would love them to do unto you’ should always be put into practice.

He said this on Tuesday at his State Lodge residence when chairperson of the Mathani Group of Companies, Rajan Mahtani and his management team joined Dr Kaunda in celebrating his 90th birthday which he shares with Dr Mahtani’s mother Mohini who also turned 90 this month.

Dr Kaunda also asked Zambians to pray for each other, saying prayer was the anchor of peace regardless of the church one went to.

“Let us continue to love one another, to remember the old Christian values. Old phrases if we throw them away, we will not have this peace we have upheld due to these values, love God with all your soul, mind and let us all understand the deep thinking of God’s love for each other,” Dr Kaunda said.

He aised Dr Mahtani and his management team to continue holding on to Christian principles and Biblical teachings which had seen the Mahtani Group of Companies prosper.

Dr Kaunda said he would have loved to celebrate his 90th birthday with his late wife Betty with whom he had spent all his time before her demise last year and called on married men to love their wives because they were part of their lives.

Dr Mahtani said celebrating a 90th birthday was a milestone that many may never realise, as it was a journey with many twists and turns.

Dr Mahtani said Dr Kaunda’s persevering stand for unity had seen Zambia to be a place of tranquility and haven of peace and home to refugees fleeing wars from neighbouring nations.

“Anywhere in the world, often the word Zambia is synonymous with KK, two of your remarkable phrases One Zambia One Nation and Tiyende Pamodzi have held the nation of 72 tribes together in unity, especially in a world Africa which has seen divisions and ethnic wars,” Dr Mahtani said.

“Your love for God will bring forth fruit in old age you are bearing fruit in being a model to many generations in the region. Further you’re mentoring, sharing wisdom and counsel to many including leaders and potential leaders is an example of a Godly man whom God blessed with strength,” he said.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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