Two English Expressions Parents Need to Master [opinion]

Languages are filled with insightful expressions that may help us understand life in general from different angles in a better way.

In English, the Queen’s Language as some call it there are these two beautiful expressions that we want to consider in line with the subject of parenting.

The two expressions we shall consider to help us explore, learn and understand an aspect of parenting in this article today are “A stitch in time saves nine” and the other is “Charity begins at Home”

1.We shall begin by considering the latter – “Charity begins at home” The implication of this expression fits in very well with our general understanding of the meaning of behaviour ,that is, combined pattern of learned actions.

This being the case, we can learn how to behave either in a good way or bad way.

It is also cardinal to stress out clearly that behaviour patterns are learned most effectively in the primary stages of life when children are really small and their little minds are not jam-packed.

As a matter fact you might know already that over 70 per cent of what children learn is by observation … seeing the example laid before them or as in a theatre, watching it played by great performers whom they secretly admire and aspire to emulate hoping that when the curtain is raised on their turn they will do even better.

No wonder when an individual person accomplishes some great feat or does something dazzlingly bizarre people will quickly ask whose son or daughter is he or she? Where does he or she come from?

The reason is simple they want to know the stage-coach behind such an audacious act… (Like when David in the Bible kills the Philistine giant by the name of Goliath people started asking whose son he was).

To a significant degree how our children play out their roles on the stage of life is dependent on how well they were prepared by their life coaches (parents).

Given that life is not a one-off show case but a life time, our preparation ought to be thorough and handled meticulously ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

Preparing them on how they ought to relate with their siblings, peers and the elders, preparing them in matters to do with how they relate with the opposite sex and on sex , including how to handle finances and many other challenges that they would face.

Always keeping this in mind they (our children) earn better by what they see rather than what is preached to them.

2. “A stitch in time saves nine” simply means we adopt a more proactive approach in our quest to parent effectively rather than a remedial methodology.

The truth is that every parent is at an aantage in that they have gone ahead in this journey called life, they have encountered the dangers and the thrills and they know which turns will lead to irrecoverable disaster and perhaps how to avoid it… this makes them effective guides.

However, how the guide is a subject of another day.

Another way to say it is Prevention is by far better than cure.

Prevention as it relates to the subject of parenting would imply the vigilance and dedication as of a loving mother trying to save her son from falling over into a deep ditch.

This might involve an anticipated approach or as some may call it- parenting with the sixth sense.

Please understand this is not living with an expectation of evil… it probably better explained with an example.

Let say you have an uneasy feeling about something your child is involved in…

If you take time to probe further you will find that there is a cause to your uneasiness, it may even be the company your child is hanging around with.

Obviously skill and tact is required on how you investigate.

These two English language expressions that we have discussed today holds a deeper insight that countless generations before have tried, tested and proved profitable.

Every parent will do well to learn by heart and return the understanding of the meaning there of.

The author is a parent and Sunday Teacher.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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