Three Guards Strangled

THREE security guards have been strangled in Livingstone by assailants who also went away with K48,000 cash after blowing up a safe with a dynamite at Batoka Sky Aentures.

The three security guards working for Panorama Security firm were in the early hours of yesterday found dead at Batoka Sky Aentures.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Mary Chikwanda and Livingstone Aentures general manager Daan Geldenhuys confirmed the brutal killings and robbery in separate interviews.

Ms Chikwanda said the incident happened around 01:00 and 02:00 hours yesterday and that the three were found tied with sisal ropes on their necks at Batoka Sky gate.

Ms Chikwanda identified the three security guards as Masiliso Sikombwa, 35, of Dambwa Site and Service, Engineer Zulu, also 35, and Adams Siateba, 38, both of Linda Township.

She said the criminals made off with K48,000 cash after blowing off the safe with dynamites.

“I can confirm that a very un-fortunate incident occurred at Batoka Sky Aentures where three security guards belonging to Panorama Security Company were strangled and the criminals went away with K48,000 cash,” Ms Chikwanda said.

She said the victims were also found with cuts on their bodies but it was not clear what weapons the suspected criminals used to assault them.

Ms Chikwanda said two of the victims were found already dead in the morning while the other one died on arrival at Livingstone General Hospital.

She said the unfortunate incident was as a result of companies engaging security firms that had no capacity to combat crime at a big scale.

Ms Chikwanda has since aised companies that keep huge sums of money at their premises to engage proper security companies that are armed in order to safeguard both property and lives.

She said no arrests had been made but police had instituted investigations into the matter.

Batoka Sky is part of Livingstone’s Aenture Group of Companies.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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