Tasila Lungu’s Social Media Storm Chokes Chellah

George Chellah, the former presidential spokesperson, was perhaps one of the less than one percent Zambians that did not join in celebrating the natural beauty of President Edgar Lungu’s daughter when her images debuted social media prompting widespread praise.

While men and women alike from different angles were clamouring in celebration of Tasila’s beauty since May 25, 2015, Chellah’s bitterness took him elsewhere.

On his Rajan Mahtani sponsored sponsored pet project called ZIN, Chellah posted “Whats the Fuss?? There are More Beautiful Girls at Manda Hill and Zambian Colleges than this exaggerated Girl. Yours Truly, ZIN”

The comment was affixed with the accompanying picture. But Chellah forgets that he would better concentrate on battling his marriage in the High Court than expressing his bitterness against President Lungu’s daughter.

At worst, Chellah should have shown us posted pictures of those girls that made him abandon his home to compete with Tasila not spewing plain jealous.

Maybe Chellah can benefit from this lecture from Brian Hapunda who states

“Our good First Lady Ester Lungu has been on a Tour of duty of Eastern Province amp now she is in Muchinga Province.

“Surprisingly, certain Media Houses have made an issue of HE Republican President ECL appearing at this year’s Africa Freedom Day Celebrations with one of his daughters Tasila Lungu. The President is a family man amp loves his family.

“He has shown us that on several occasions. He has never hidden his family members to the public. As he stays longer in Office, eventually the World will get to know amp see his children more often (they all resemble him by the way) amp most of his family members.

“In the picture below is HE President ECL’s daughter Tasila at State House on African Freedom Day Celebrations. Tasila is also outgoing as she can be seen matching with PF Women,” he says.

Source : Zambia Reports