Shamenda Says Some Fired Nurse Are Bad Eggs

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda says the strike action by nurses presented government an opportunity to purge the system of bad eggs.

Shamenda said the dismissed nurses will not be re-instated unconditionally but will be heavily screened before being re-employed.

He also confirmed that they had forfeited their earlier benefits and will be treated like first time employees.

“This issue of being re-instated unconditionally does not arise it is re-employment this is what I have been informed by the employers who are the Ministry of Health,” Shamenda said.

“They were dismissed and re-instated the first time when they went on nine days illegal strike, so the second one hardly after a month, this one has got conditions, people have got to be screened so that the BAD EGGS are not brought back.”

He added: “If it were in the private sector, you do not expect an amnesty just like that because there should be some punitive measures against some people. Some people are being considered case by case as they re-apply.”

Health minister Joseph Kasonde recently announced that the fired nurses will be re-appointed unconditionally but so far less than 100 of the 583 fired have been re-deployed but as first time employees forfeiting their benefits from years of employment.

Source : Zambia Reports

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