Sata’s Voice Cracks During Swearing-in Ceremony

As discourse about his health continues to dominate public debate President Michael Sata took the risk and swore two more diplomats with images of his frail looking body only helping re-enforce the rumours that have been doing the rounds about his illness.

Even at a time his health should be the most worrisome subject, the anti new constitution stance was the highest on his mind and used whatever little energy he had whimpering about the constitution.

“I was the first Zambian to go to South Korea, the people you are going to deal with are very intelligent, extra intelligent people and I expect you to be sober according to the constitution,” he said catching his audience off guard as usual.

“Mrs. Salome, you are going to Malawi, you have a very sensitive woman who is the President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, so as you have already, you see you are the one who has committed yourselves and not me that you are not revealing the constitution so if you are not revealing the constitution so which constitution are you people talking about?”

There was no stopping him on the constitution as it ended up the most prominent thing apart from his fragile looking frame.

“Zambia has a constitution which you people are taking oath and then somebody is talking about the constitution which constitution are you talking about? So I wish you well, thank you very much,” he said.

President Sata was swearing in Mumba Kapumpa and Salome Mwananshiku as ambassadors to South Korea and Malawi respectively.

President Sata’s health is currently high on the public radar.

Source : Zambia Reports

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