Sata’s Legacy to Be Among Greatest

I GLY feel that President Michael Sata will be one of the greatest presidents ever. His commitment and plans are one of the best to strengthen the economy and develop Zambia.

President Sata understands the problems that Zambians face as such he has set plans to develop the Country.

There is no country in the world that can develop without good road networks. Amongst other things PF is ensuring that roads in all parts of the country are worked on.

It is only under Patriotic Front (PF) and good leadership of President Sata that civil servants are taking home decent salaries where by all those who get K3,000 are not taxed. What a relief to workers! Some workers who work for NGOs are admiring joining the civil service!

It can only take the President with the interest of the people to approve such a reduction in income taxes for workers.

President Sata will not even campaign in 2016 because the works his doing now will campaign for him. I wish him the best sir as you continue to develop our Country!

Source : The Times of Zambia

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