Sata Signs Final Will Revealing More Than 20 Children

President Michael Sata reportedly held a meeting last night around 1800 hours at Nkwazi House with his family and legal counsel to sign his final will and testament, according to a source on Plot 1.

The will had reportedly been written long ago, but was brought for final signing by his lawyers.

The source indicates that in his final will, President Michael Sata’s property will be divided among his 20-some children, his wife Dr. Christine Kaseba, and other beneficiaries.

“I can confirm that the Boss H.E signed his final will should anything happen to him, all his over 20 children have been included in it, including some children who were not previously known to the first lady,” the source said, which came as a shock to Dr. Kaseba who had presumed that President Sata had only 10 children.

“Among the 20 children in the will are those such as Michael Mango Sata Jr, Stella Mutale Sata, as well as the children in Livingstone and those he had with his former lover Inutu Suba, who now serves as Local Government Permanent Secretary,” the source said.

“Most of the children cited in the final will had been hidden away for a long time, but the Boss has shared his property among them. His favourite son Gerald, Kaseba’s last born son who is only 16 years old, is the one said to have benefited more than all the other children in the final will.”

The reason for the signing of the final will is that while he was attended to by doctors in Israel, President Sata was informed that he may have little time left due to a series of ailments. Recently the President has had trouble eating well due to inflammation of the throat, the source says, as well as nausea caused by the many medications, which explains his weight loss and speech issues.

Source : Zambia Reports

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