Sata Sends Aging Mbuzi to Russia As Ambassador

President Michael Sata has continued bouncing off personnel with former ambassador to France Solomon Mbuzi sent to politically charged Russia months after returning home due to ill health.

Mbuzi was prior to his France posting Minister for Eastern Province where he was also removed and briefly sent to Canada.

President Sata warned Mbuzi that the Russians will expel him if failed to discharge his duties, a thinly veiled warning by the Head of State to the aged diplomat who is yet to succeed at anything President Sata has assigned him.

“Mr Mbuzi you are going to Russia and the Russians are still very powerful and I expect you to represent us well. Russia is a powerful country and will always be. Russians will expel you,” he said.

“Congratulations. Russians will sort you (Mr Mbuzi) out. They are not people to play with.”

President Sata implored Mbuzi to strive to represent well Zambia while serving in that country as Zambia’s envoy.

Source : Zambia Reports

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