Sata in Excellent Health, Claims Kalaba

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says the Patriotic Front government has exceeded people’s expectations by delivering on their numerous campaign promises.

Kalaba, who is also Bahati Member of Parliament, said President Michael Sata was in excellent health and going about his daily activities smoothly.

He said that talking about President Sata’s health was a non issue as there were more important matters to preoccupy the country.

“The PF has exceeded people’s expectations since taking over power. The opposition are in trouble that is why they are making noise uwawa tabula akabepesho (loosely translated as whoever has failed does not lack for excuses),” Kalaba said.

“Naibakosela (it is tough for them), even me if I was in their shoes I would behave the same. They will lose badly in 2016 they will get even get less votes than they got in 2011.”

He said: “Even talking about the health of the President is a non issue, the President is in excellent health and delivering on the promises.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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