Sata Aised to Stop Treating Ministers Like Personal Servants

Former Secretary to the Cabinet Sketchley Sacika says President Michael Sata should avoid treating ministers like they were his personal servants.

Sacika said President Sata should know that he can easily aise his ministers in public without ridiculing them.

President Sata has often never lost a moment to ridicule his ministers publicly with the latest slur being his referring to them as becoming too fat after having also labeled them useless in public.

Sacika said the Head of State should not forget that ministers had reputations and egos to protect that if bruised could lead to a reaction.

“The President should avoid mocking his ministers in public. He should appreciate that those men and women are adults and they are not his personal servants although they are appointed by him they are public servants,” he said.

“They have egos to protect and if he continues ridiculing them, they will lose respect for him and may be forced to react. He should exercise some etiquette in the discharge of his duties.”

He said that office of President was too big to be reduced it to low level tantrums.

Source : Zambia Reports

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