Saki Sends PF Jibe for Attempt to Block Hichilema’s Mindolo Donation

Lusaka lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has taken a dig at the Zambia Police for embarrassingly attempting to block the UPND from donating 600 bags of mealie meal to the displaced families of Mindolo East.

Police had attempted to stop the donation claiming that the situation is not conducive.

Below is what Saki wrote:


It is reported that Zambia Police on Wednesday attempted to stop the UPND from donating assorted items such as mealie meal to the homeless families left in cold after PF demolished their houses in Kitwe.

Police under instructions from the PF government claimed that the situation was not conducive for the UPND to make donations to the more than 600 starving families sleeping in the cold after PF government demolished their houses in the middle of the night.

It was bad enough to demolish the houses in the middle of a cold winter’s night but to stop them from receiving food was as heartless as the governments that consign their people to starving labour camps.

I have seen the pictures of the food distribution and it appeared to be extremely orderly and calm. There were patient lines to receive the donations and no signs of a scramble. The claim therefore from the police that they wanted to stop the exercise because it was not “conducive” shows the callousness of the government.

This is the kind of thing that forms indictments of human rights abuses that are filed at The Hague. Even illegal immigrants crossing over to Europe in boats are given basic needs like food by the government inspite of their having broken the law.

Where governments are unwilling or incapable of providing the necessaries of life kind hearted people and organizations step in to fill the gap. In Zambia it would appear that not only does the Republican Vice President believe that the Right to Food is a pipe dream but this government is prepared to stop The Good Samaritan.

In Zambia the Scripture in Matthew 14:13-21 would have ended differently and taken a decidedly different turn. In the New DONCHI KUBEBA Version of the Bible

the five loaves and two fish would have been seized as exhibits and used at the trial of Jesus.

The Good Samaritan would be charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace.

Source : Zambia Reports

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