Resign With Your Useless Ministers – FDD Tell Sata

Following President Sata’s consistent admission that his ministers are useless, the opposition Forum for Democracy and Development has asked the Head of State to fire them or resign.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said Zambians were tired of paying for useless office bearers.

President Sata on Thursday again remarked that his ministers were useless and not doing their job.

Below is the full FDD statement:

Press Release

27th March, 2014


President Michael Sata’s public admission that ALL his Ministers are USELESS and are not doing their job for which they are being paid hefty salaries and allowances is an indictment on the President himself and calls for the immediate dissolution of his USELESS government.

As taxpayers, we cannot be financing a bunch of USELESS individuals masquerading as leaders when the majority of our youths, mothers and fathers are drowning in poverty, unemployment, disease and destitution. No! It is criminal, it is highway robbery. We can longer continue to put up with Mr. Sata’s USELESS government. Twacula paafula.

President Sata is trying to play it smart by blaming his failed policies on his ministers. Mr. President you are responsible for your government’s ineptitude. You are the one who appointed these ministers. You cannot run away from your failures.

The buck stops at you as Head of Government and appointing authority. You should take the blame. Isabi pakubola itampila kumutwe, bwana. Just accept that you have failed to run the country and dissolve your USELESS Government and call for fresh elections. The people of Zambia deserve better.

And for you ministers, how do you feel being publicly humiliated that you are USELESS? How do you manage to face your wives and children and your subordinates after such a public disgrace? Don’t you have even a modicum of pride and self esteem? Why can’t you resign and save your integrity? Is it because of the stomachs?

Prepared and issued by:

Antonio Mwanza

FDD Spokesperson.

Post story.

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says his ministers are useless because they are not doing their job.

The Head of State said this after swearing in Mkushi North member of parliament Ingrid Mphande as community development deputy minister at State House yesterday.

Addressing government officials who were present, President Sata directed community development minister Emerine Kabanshi to collaborate with Mphande in reviving social welfare services in rural areas.

“We are not only increasing women participation in decision making. When I was a young man, the European welfare association then had the welfare in the villages. We had the Shibukeni and I was under that. Now today, we can’t see it. When I was governor, we provided welfare in almost every township. Now we are not seeing it it is dead. She Mphande is from a rural constituency, so can we revamp those welfare halls?” he said.

After his brief address, President Sata directed Vice-President Dr Guy Scott to lead in singing the National Anthem and was later joined by information minister Joseph Katema and foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba, among other government officials, for a photo session.

After the photo session, President Sata remarked that his ministers were useless because they were not doing their job.

“… You are all not doing your jobs you are useless. All of you ministers are just useless,” President Sata said, gesturing to community development deputy minister Dorothy Kazunga.

Recently, President Sata described PF members of parliament as useless.

And speaking to journalists after being sworn in, Mphande said there was need to get down to the grassroots in revamping the social welfare.

“We have to look at it because the welfare of the vulnerable people has to be brought to acceptable standards,” said Mphande.

Source : Zambia Reports

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