Prof Ndulo Attributes Constitution Failure to Legal Framework

United States based law professor Muna Ndulo says the Zambian constitution making process has suffered because of lack of a legal framework.

Ndulo, who is professor at Cornell University, said if there was a legal framework there could have been no prolonged and misguided debate on what to do with the draft constitution that government has refused to give to the Zambian people.

Since the Technical Committee concluded its work in October last year, government refused to facilitate the handover of the final draft constitution to the Head of State and also the public simultaneously.

After repeated pleas with the Justice Minister to facilitate the handover of the draft constitution, the Technical Committee eventually just dumped it at the Ministry of Justice where it is gathered up.

Former Technical Committee spokesperson Ernest Mwansa had his office broken into recently where his office was swept clean of laptops and some documents that many suspect to be tied to his role with the constitution making process.

“You must have the legal framework, because the legal framework guides you but also insulates the process from interference. And what you are having now is a manifestation of the problems that you get when you don’t have a legal framework,” Prof. Ndulo said.

“All the issues that are arising would have been determined in the framework, you know what you do with the draft and what happens with the draft all those are issues which are dealt with.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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