President Sata’s Absenteeism Hurts Zambia – Saunders

Following Michael Sata’s continued absence from the public, political activist Dante Saunders has demanded that the president must resign and call for early elections if he has a problem with being seen in the open, as it is hurting Zambia and wasting important opportunities.

Saunders said in Lusaka that Zambians could not continue with an absentee president because leading a sovereign country required the Head of State to engage directly with his people.

He said it has become abundantly clear for all that Michael Sata had a very big problem that was stopping him from being seen in public.

Saunders, a former fond ally of Michael Sata said for this reason, the president must step down and call for elections because his stay at the helm of Zambia’s national leadership had become unattainable anymore.

“Wonders shall never end. This is Michael Sata now who has continued to hide from us, his own people. He doesn’t even want our elected representatives from Parliament to go and visit him. There must be something very big that is keeping him away. Now that things have degenerated and taken a nose dive, it is time for Michael Sata to step down and call for fresh elections so that a more appropriate person can take over and leader this country properly. In that state, which may even be vegetative because we don’t see him, he is holding the people of Zambia at ransom,” he said.

Saunders said Zambia could not afford to lag behind in development and other bilateral and multilateral arrangements because of one person.

“Since Michael Sata took over as president in 2011, presidents from African and other countries seem to have shunned their visits to Zambia. It is only Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe who has been to Zambia and the friendship between two has been described by many observers as an unholy alliance of dictators.”

But Saunders Zambia had stagnated because Michael Sata did not want to take control of government, but the only way to get the country back on track was to ask the president to resign and call for early elections almost two years ahead of the 2016 polls.

“Zambia will not go anywhere if this trend of hiding from the public by the president continues. As Zambians we need to speak up in our numbers and ask Michael Sata to leave and pave way for another person who has the ability to govern this country,” Saunders said.

He said enough had been said at Michael Sata’s hide and seek games and he was not listening to the people, but time had come for the president to consider through his actions and put the interest of the nation first.

Saunders was commenting in Michael Sata’s continued absence from important national events. This weekend, Sata failed to officiate at the Agricultural and Commercial Show Society of Zambia opening ceremony.

Last year, Michael Sata’s motorcade was almost pelted with objects inside the Lusaka showgrounds amid very tight security by angry youths who demanded jobs from the president after he failed to deliver on his campaign promises.

He was supposed to travel to the United State of America for a series of events between other African leaders with the American President Barack Obama.

Vice President Guy Scott will represent Michael Sata in the United States.

Source : Zambia Reports

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