President Sata Having Trouble Eating, Source Says

The allegedly deteriorating health of President Michael Sata has raised serious concerns among State House staff, sources tell Zambia Reports.

According to one source, the President’s latest bout of health difficulties was triggered by a depression following disagreements with his wife, as he had allegedly locked himself away in his quarters and refused to eat for many days. The dramatic loss in weight he showed both at the Daily Nation trial and the brief appearance at Africa Freedom Day was caused by this fasting.

Although medical travel was planned, he was unable to board the flight, the source says.

The source says that President Sata’s aides have convinced him to start eating again, but the difficulties remain, as his throat has tightened and he is reportedly unable to swallow solid foods, and must subsist on a liquid-only diet.

The source has disclosed that Doctors attending to him have expressed worry that he may not be fit to under go a surgical operation.

“His Excellency has developed another serious problem. He can not swallow solid stuff and he is being fed through fluids. It is not a good situation because doctors suspect he may have cancer of the throat. Things are not okay. We just have to put him in prayers. He may need a surgical operation but he is not healthy enough to undergo such an operation,” the source said.

The source also said that there are concerns that the President may be experiencing the onset of dementia.

“At times he behaves as though he is not sane. Did you read the interview he had with Bivan Saluseki of the Post? He said he was a reporter when Bivan was at School. I’m surprised no one picked it up,” the source said.

Source : Zambia Reports

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