Plot Allocation Put On Ice in Chinsali

AN indefinite ban has been imposed on the allocation of plots in Chinsali District as it starts a vigorous development process.

Speaking at the weekend, Muchinga Province Minister Gerry Chanda said the ban would be in force until demarcations for road, power lines and water pipes, among others, were identified.

“We have said there will be no allocation of plots in the area until we have laid out the demarcation where the roads are going to pass, where the sewer lines are going to pass and where the electricity poles are going to pass,” he said.

“We don’t want to fall in the pitfalls of Lusaka. We want Chinsali, in particular, to be a model town in the city. It will be a beauty to watch if you can only give us 24 months from now,” Colonel Chanda said.

Some road expansion works in selected parts of Lusaka have been hampered by hurdles such as Zesco power lines, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) pipes, as well as houses and shops, among other structures.

Col Chanda was optimistic that Muchinga would be a marvel of the other nine provinces in the country in two years time as during that period the ongoing works would have taken shape in Chinsali, which is Muchinga Province’s headquarters.

The minister cited the six-storey building provincial administration, four-storey administrative block and the Ministry of Home Affairs offices as some of the ongoing developmental works in Muchinga Province.

He said the four-storey Ministry of Home Affairs offices would be ready for completion in the next three months as it was currently being roofed.

“So in terms of meaningful layout of the District as the Capital City, Chinsali in particular, we will start seeing a lot of movements in the months of May and June,” he said.

“By and large, I think we are on the right track apart from the delay that has been occasioned by the unprecedented rainfall that we have experienced. The contractors I have got on site are very committed and I have no doubt they will deliver Muchinga to the people of Zambia, a beautiful Muchinga which will be a marvel of all the other provinces,” the Minister said.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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