PF Will Lose 2016, Warns Vernon Mwaanga

Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has warned that the Patriotic Front will lose power in 2016 if they do not give Zambians a people driven constitution before the next general elections.

Mwaanga said Zambia needed a constitution that could fit with the current democratic dispensation.

He said there was no need to further delay a process that commenced in 2003.

“The Patriotic Front should know that Zambians will not forgive them if they do not give them a new constitution,” he said.

“They will lose the elections because this is something that Zambians have waited for a long time. This is a process that has been going on since 2003 and should now be concluded. The current one we are using is a one party constitution that we have only been amending.”

Mwaanga said the PF had a chance to etch their legacy permanently by delivering a people driven constitution.

The ruling PF has reneged on its campaign pledge to deliver a people driven constitution with President Michael Sata publicly stating that constitution is not a priority.

Leading civil society organizations, the church, trade unions, student unions and opposition political parties have launched a nationwide campaign to push for a new constitution.

Source : Zambia Reports

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