PF Sponsors Thugs to Insult Frank Bwalya

Alliance for a Better Zambia president Father Frank Bwalya says sponsored Patriotic Front cadres have been paid to harass him each time he makes an appearance at the Kasama Magistrate Court for his defamation of the president case.

Fr Bwalya told Kasama Magistrate Vincent Siloka that PF cadres always pitched up to insult him at the court whenever his case came up at court.

Appearing before Magistrate Siloka for his defamation of the president case, Fr Bwalya said the court should warn the PF cadres for their provocative conduct.

Magistrate Court acknowledged the complaint and issued a stern warning to the cadres.

Meanwhile the case failed to take off after Fr Bwalya informed the court that he had engaged new lawyers.

The ABZ leader has engaged prominent lawyer Sunday Nkonde.

The case was adjourned to May 6 for commencement of trial.

Fr Bwalya has been dragged to court for likening President Michael Sata to a Chumbu Munshololwa (sweet potato that breaks when trying to straighten it.)

The ABZ leaders carried a sweet potato in court causing controversy although few could be surprised by the cleric’s ways when it comes to illustration.

Source : Zambia Reports

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