PF Is Transforming Lives, Scott Tells Mangango Residents

Vice President Guy Scott told the poverty stricken Mangango Constituency voters that the ruling Patriotic Front government is transforming their lives.

Scott whose visits to rural parts of Zambia are only by-election induced denied that any cash was being thrown around to win votes.

“We worked together with President Sata to come into government already we have changed your lives. We know that money has been spent too slowly by previous governments on classrooms, on housing, on clinics,” said Scott on his tour of Mangango where he never lost an opportunity to talk up President Sata’s health.

He said if there were going to be malpractices, the culprits will be dealt with.

“If anyone is handing out cash for votes, they will be dealt with we are not interested in buying votes,” he said.

And PF candidate Lyambai Lingweshi told voters that the only way poverty was going to end in Mangango was to send him to parliament.

“The reason of this vote is that it is going to deliver Mangango from poverty so,” said Lingweshi.

“We have presented our programmes in terms of development these can be done by sending me to the parliament.”

Mangango Constituency goes to the polls on August 19 with six candidates vying for the seat including MMD’s Charles Mwenzala, UNIP’s Janet Chingumbe, while UPND is fielding Godwin Putu with Fourth Revolution Party’s Mukumbuta Kabuyana making the ballot despite having withdrawn.

Source : Zambia Reports

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