PF Has Failed to Deliver Development – Saunders

With growing rhetoric that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has brought unprecedented development to Zambia, political activist Dante Saunders has reiterated his call for Zambians to vote Michael Sata’s government out of power for failed policies.

Speaking in Lusaka, Saunders said Zambians were not gullible to be hoodwinked into voting for the PF in the next elections.

He said Zambians would never forget the suffering and pain they were experiencing now as a result of the PF’s lies and treachery after scooping the 2011 presidential elections.

After the PF took over government, Saunders said Zambia was started moving like an unidentified playing object a such as a plane that is cruising on auto pilot mode because Michael Sata, who ought to be in charge of national affairs had done into a deep slumber of sleep.

“I want to remind fellow Zambians that we should keep the fire burning. We must not forget that 2016 is coming and this is a very decisive year for the country because it is when we shall be removing the wrong people from the reins of power. Zambia has lagged behind in many ways and its development has stagnated because the Michael Sata and his team of corrupt and incompetent elements have failed to run the government. He was my ally, but I cannot continue supporting a man who used us to lie to the masses,” he said.

Saunders said Zambians must always bear in mind that the PF had failed to offer any reasonable and tangible contribution to Zambia’s development agenda, a thing he said should be used to vote them out of power in 2016.

He said Michael Sata had even gone into hiding from the very people he promised to rescue from the pangs of poverty, disease and squalor.

“We are still counting the days Michael Sata has been hiding. We don’t what is happening to him and what he doing where ever he is. He has forgotten that he was sent to State House to work and not to turn that place into his sick bay,” he said.

There are some PF supporters and sympathizers who include traditional leaders that claim the ruling party had brought unprecedented development to Zambia. These PF allies have been urging Zambians to vote for the ruling party for the construction of roads in different parts of the country.

But Saunders has argued that the building of roads across the country was initiated by the MMD regime and the PF was merely getting credit for the previous regime’s work.

“In any case, you cannot say the PF is the best government Zambia has ever had just by building a few roads here and there and these are roads that they planned to build themselves. They are doing other man’s projects and no wonder everything in that sector is not progressing according to the initial plans,” he said.

Saunders said Zambia would never experience true and good leadership for as long as Michael Sata and the PF remained in government.

He said corruption, favouritism and incompetence had taken centre stage in Michael Sata’s government an this was depriving Zambians of their right to good and quality leadership as well as their right to participate in the governance of the country.

Source : Zambia Reports

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