PF Announce Ebola Measures

As the Ebola virus continues to wreck havoc across African continent, government has at least mouthed something about the possibility of being alert on possible contact points with Zambians.

Health Deputy Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya said that government had deployed public health officers at all the international entry points and also procured medical equipment to help in the aspect of testing and detecting the deadly disease.

“In Zambia we have taken some measures we have identified the major entry points and at all these points we have placed public health officers. At all these points there will be screening and if they are suspected to have Ebola they will quarantined,” he said.

“We have also acquired protective equipment for our staff who are manning these posts. ”

So far 800 people have died of Ebola with West Africa being the hardest hit where the disease is flying across borders creating a health emergency.

Recently UPND Vice President Doctor Canisius Banda questioned the preparedness of Zambia in case of an Ebola outbreak.

Source : Zambia Reports

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