Permanent Show Stands Good Idea

IT is show time again in Lusaka and another period of excitement mixed with fun for the young ones, as well as opportunities for those in business to sell their products and services.

As usual, many people already have high expectations of what they hope to experience at this year’s show, and the exhibitors hope that they will achieve all that they planned to by being part of this 88th edition of the Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show.

This year’s main theme appropriately says ‘Breaking New Grounds’, while the sub-theme is ‘Commemorating 50 years of Zambia’s Independence’.

The organisers say as Zambia celebrates her 50 years anniversary, a number of companies would thrive to break new grounds.

After 50 years of self-rule, Zambian firms and even foreign investors should begin to break new grounds and spur the country’s economic growth.

It is no longer appropriate that the same firms that have exhibited at the show over the years should fail to interpret this theme through innovations that they have added to their products and services.

Companies and individuals should realise the opportunity they have in participating in the show because it is always a rare occurrence to have so many people from all walks of life gathering in one place at one time.

It is a golden opportunity to leave an indelible impression on them about one’s products and services.

Unfortunately, most firms’ participation in the show is just making up numbers and do not even effectively interpret the theme in the manner they arrange their exhibitions.

It is disheartening to note, therefore, that when the show opened its gates to the public yesterday, there were some exhibitors that were still finalising their stands.

What is important to realise is that this is a yearly show with a Show Society that functions throughout the year to attend to would-be exhibitors.

It begs the question then as to why the firms leave it late to organise themselves for the participation in the show and end up doing a hurried job?

Perhaps this should also worry the organisers, who should begin to compel the exhibitors to complete their preparations well before the show is due to open, unlike the current situation where a number of companies only finish preparing their stands in time for the judges to inspect them.

One solution to this predicament is for the Show Society to invite exhibitors to set up permanent stands.

These could be developed into modern structures, which the firms could even use throughout the year for other activities.

The aantage with this is that exhibitors will not struggle to complete their preparations for the show on time.

The show’s outlook would also improve with modern structures that would be more attractive to show-goers.

Just as the theme states, even the Show Society should begin to look at breaking new grounds in improving the show, which is one of the most important events on the country’s calendar.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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