Nominate More Women MPs

The call for more women to participate in politics need more commitment than mere political rhetoric.

Women’s role in African politics must go beyond being voters or ‘airport dancers’.

Women in Parliament are better placed to fight vices like gender-based violence, child slave, sexual assault and defilement, early marriages, abortions and unfair distribution of wealth.

The population of women in Zambia is large and hence the need for fair representation in Parliament (of course not the unrealistic 50 per cent).

However, this comes with its own challenges in a democratic society where elections determine who walks in the corridors of power.

Culture and some church doctrines seem to be against women leadership.

And most Zambian women have very high self-respect that they cannot subject themselves to the physical and verbal abuses that characterise current politics.

More so, elite and professional women are not ready to be patronised by cadres who have no regard for female nature or academic merit.

However, these challenges must not discourage women. Zambia has its own Hillary Clintons who can prove that they are hard-working, corrupt-free, and possess a personality for public work, and not just sentimentally ‘wheel-barrowed’ into politics.

So far, some women who the Republican President has appointed in high positions have shown that they have a good heart and the correct amounts of iron in their make-up to deliver to public expectations.

Therefore, I am suggesting that the criteria be worked out to nominate more women as members of Parliament (MPs).



Huge challenge awaits Janza

When former Chipolopolo coach Patrice Beaumelle left his job with less than a month for crucial encounters for Zambia, I was a bit disturbed because the time was too short to replace him with a class coach.

Little did I know that FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya and his team at FAZ were going to give us a coach in Honour Janza! I am very positive Janza will produce the required results for us not only to qualify to Morocco 2015 AfCON but also to lift the cup for the second time.

It is good that finally we have a coach for the national soccer team who is Zambian.

Many people have in the past cried for a local coach and I hope Janza will leave up to the many soccer fans expectations to produce results for Zambia.

In every new job, the new job holder requires to be assisted to settle and immediately start producing results.

My main concern is about the new interim coach whom FAZ has recruited to replace Patrice Beaumelle.

Janza will require our support and many people will agree with me that a huge challenge awaits him as a coach.

As we prepare to meet Mozambique on September 6, 2014, either at Levy Mwanawasa or Heroes Stadium, let us call all our current fit professionals and talented national team local players so that the coach can select a g team for positive results.

Remember, we only have three weeks and some days before kick-off of AfCON qualifiers and pressure is on Zambia to impress in the opener game at home.

Coach Honour Janza, you have big challenge ahead and congratulations on your well-deserved appointment! You will need our support! I can’t wait to see an improved Zambia national team and lifting the AfCON again! You have a chance to write history for Zambia. For example, it will be good if ‘Zambia won AfCON 2015 with a local coach’

Gady Mwamba Museka

Soccer Fan


Patrick Chisanga congratulated

I wish to extend my hearty congratulations to Rotary Past District Governor Patrick Chisanga on his appointment to the position of Director General of the Zambia Development Agency.

PDG Patrick, as he is fondly known in Rotary circles, has distinguished himself as a leader of great corporate measure.

His ascendancy to such a position does not come as a surprise to many of us.

I am certain that he will discharge his responsibilities to the best of his abilities.

Victor Chimuka


Source : The Times of Zambia

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