New Hatchery to Cushion Bird Deficit

EXPANSION of the Ross Breeders hatchery will cushion the deficit in the production of day old chicks during peak periods of the year.

Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) president Matthews Ngosa said the investment would cushion the demand for day-old chicks on the local market.

“Such an investment could not have come at a better time than now when the demand for day-old chicks is increasing on the local market,” he said

Mr Ngosa also said the coming of Ross Breeders hatchery would improve the country’s standing as the largest livestock sector in the region as a whole.

Currentry the industry stands at 48 per cent in terms of contribution to Gross Domestic Product.

Two weeks ago, Ross Breeders Africa commissioned its US$17 million newly constructed broiler hatchery whose production capacity is 500,000 chicks per week.

The hatchery was expected to increase production capacity from 500,000 to one million chicks per week.

Ross Breeders Africa embarked on the project aimed at expanding the Zambian operations.

The project includes a new broiler hatchery, additional breeder houses, a new grandparent farm, and staff housing and ancillary buildings.

Mr Ngosa said the development was a step in the right direction because these were some of the projects the association has been supporting.

He said the idea of expansion was not only to satisfy the local market, but the region as the association was slowly building volumes in terms of exports.

“We are well positioned to break into the export market, because the expansion is not aimed at satisfying the local market alone but the region. We want to turn Zambia into a hub in terms of exports,” he said.

The hatchery would further create more job opportunities for local people and would also help bring in revenue for the country.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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