Ndola Outfit Starts Cable Factory Construction

MM Integrated Steel Mills Limited has started the construction of the cable factory in Ndola as part of its expansion project.

Company sales manager Ashish Sah said the company would establish a cable factory in Ndola,adding that construction works had commenced.

the company invested US$21.7 million to acquire landbuilding and civil works, plant and machinery in 2012.

Speaking at the on-going 88th Agricultural and Commercial Show in Lusaka, Mr Sah said the development of the factory in Ndola would enhance the company’s footprint in the Southern African market.

He said in the last seven years, the company had been producing a variety of steel products for the Zambian market.

Mr Sah said the company was breaking new grounds through the introduction of innovative products such as the plastic tanks.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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