Nawakwi Responds to ‘Useless’ PF Minister

Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi says it won’t help Home Affairs deputy minister Stephen Kampyongo to stop him from commenting on the inefficiency of PF ministers when everyone can see it.

Nawakwi said President Michael Sata had led the way by calling them useless so Kampyongo was better taking issue with the President instead of vilifying critics.

She said Kampyongo must ask himself why he seemed to be the only one overworked by the useless tag attached to PF ministers.

“PF ministers’ ineptitude, inefficiency is there for all to see. Kampyongo has no right to stop me from commenting on the future of my country,” she said.

“The President himself called his ministers useless, someone who works with them and why is it that Kampyongo is the only one firefighting? Does he know something we don’t?”

Kampyongo has ‘anointed’ himself as the chief launderer of the useless tag that seems to have sent him in overdrive since the President told the nation that his ministers were useless.

Source : Zambia Reports

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