Mwaliteta Justifies By-Election Driven Projects

Patriotic Front campaign manager in Mangango Constituency Obvious Mwaliteta has demanded the increased cosmetic development projects during by-election periods saying it was part of development.

Mwaliteta, who was recently cornered by opposition UPND supporters for using government transport on party business, says the PF was developing Western Province starting with Kaoma District where Mangango lies.

“We will not stop doing these projects, we are now sinking boreholes all over Western Province starting with Kaoma and we are doing roads, that is part of development,” Mwaliteta said.

“Yes we have started with Kaoma, we can start with anywhere but we have chosen Kaoma but we will spread to all parts of Western Province.”

Mangango goes to the polls on August, 19 to elect a new MP after the nullification of the seat by the Supreme Court of Taundi Chiseke.

Source : Zambia Reports

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