Muvi TV, China Movies Deal Commendable

MUVI Television has signed a memorandum of understanding with China which will see the station broadcasting Chinese films.

The move is obviously progressive on a station I have kept saying beams with ambition and innovation only that the partnership may be in conflict with the growing Zambian film industry.

It might stir conflict with the National Arts Council of Zambia on why a local station should popularise foreign movies at the expense of local content but on the flip side, the Chinese film industry is poles apart with the Zambian industry so local actors can still learn something.

Firstly, it is a sign that the Chinese authorities are recognising the progress the station is making for them to consider Muvi TV for such a cultural exchange programme.

I am sure if this partnership had come a few years ago, everybody would have jumped at the idea considering people used to pay for Chinese movies but now when so many people have access to so much film content from across the globe it may not sit well with others.

Personally, I have no problem watching the vintage kung fu and shaolin movies featuring the good old actors like Bruce Lee, Jet Li or my old time favourite Jackie Chan. Lately Shaolin soccer has been on my radar on Sony Max.

The visionary diversity by Muvi TV is commendable. It offers their audience a whole range of choices on the channel of choice.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao said he believes that Muvi TV needs improved content as the country prepares for the successful digital migration deadline of June 2015.

Mobi TV got its following for serialising West African movies and relaying more than an hour of BBC news as well as France 24 so the partnership with foreign content is nothing new.


The Sunday Interview which featured MMD presidential spokeperson Muhabi Lungu pretty much panned out the direct opposite way Vice-President Guy Scott spoke on the same programme the previous week.

Where Dr Scott drives his point with a wicked sense of humour, Mr Lungu was always ‘fighting’ with Grevazio Zulu accussing him of being denied chance to answer the questions put to him.

All in all the Sunday Interview is a good programme that over the years has brought out interesting issues and Grevazio has anchored it well even when the interviewee is one of the firebrand news makers.

I have followed the programme from the night Bowman Lusambo was the guest to the time Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba featured and it is enjoyable to follow the flow, especially from people who are natural orators.

The international television channels have gone viral about the shooting incidence at a US military base but attention still inevitably drifts back to the MH370 Malaysian Airways flight regard the search with leads diminishing.

The argument that African stories are better told by none Africans is to a great extent true considering that the conflict in Central African Republic has stolen the limelight at the EU-Africa summut in Brussels but only after the interim leader met French President Fancoise Hollande.


While Muvi TV was signing the partnership for the Chinese films, the station was also failing to televise the midweek Champions League quarter-final matches between Manchester United and Bayern Munich and Barcelona against Atletico Madrid.

Every other time when I have mentioned the poor sports content on Muvi TV, it has passed without comment but this time around I received text messages from unknown numbers complaining that Muvi let them down.

It was only after realising that the Barcelona and Chelsea matches were on SuperSport5 that it dawned on me how aggrieved the soccer fans might have felt because the matches were on channels that can only be accessed on DSTV full bouquet.

As if to atone for the failure to show Champions League, Muvi TV showed the Women Under-17 World Cup finals and I bought into the analysis by Tim Zulu’s studio team that since Venezuela and Italy who were in Zambia’s group reached the semi-finals, it means the Shepolopolo is not as bad.

Modern Sinkala’s new programme Sports Field is a good addition to Sport On notwithstanding that the new programme only airs at 22:40 hours.

The interviews that I have watched of footballers and coaches on Bola Show with Matimba Nkonje have been in-depth which is why I still have late in my mind the picture of coach Keagan Mumba’s show when he discussed various aspects of the game.

So much has been said in form of eulogising Keagan already but need I add that the fearless factor everybody has mentioned about him just about sums up the man who gave interviews that journalists would sometimes ask if it is safe for him to be given such coverage.


Hi Xavier,

I heard two words on TV that reminded me of my primary school days and how I mispronounced them. The words Jumbo and welfare.

At least for welfare, it was clearly stated the community halls were commonly known as ‘olofare’. As for jumbo, most people still struggle with the word.

I have noted that sports news has a lot of flowery language. I have in mind the ZESCO and Medeama game. We were subjected to a lot of it before being told the score line. Why not start with the score line first.

It was sad and shocking to see the funeral procession of the late Dove Computers chief executive officer Jeremiah Phiri.

Shocking in the sense that only a few weeks past, he was seen on the same platform addressing delegates he had invited to his 9th Dove national conference.

Much has been said about coach Keagan Mumba who most agree that he was not afraid of ruffling the feathers of the ‘high and mighty’.

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Source : The Times of Zambia

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