Mutesa Canes Sata for Uncouth Language

Zambians for Empowerment and Development says statements coming from President Michael Sata on the constitution are un-presidential. ZED president Fred Mutesa said President Sata was likening Zambians to dogs by saying they are yapping in their sustained demand for a people driven constitution.

Mutesa said President Sata had not been coerced into initiating the constitution making process by appointing a Technical Committee on drafting the constitution at a huge expense to the taxpayers. “The statements coming from the president about the constitution are un-presidential. They amount to an insult to the Zambian people and to call them yapping is tantamount to calling them dogs,” he said.

“Nobody forced him to start the constitution making process, appoint the Technical Committee and committee huge sums of money and when Zambians want to help him fulfill that which he started he calls them dogs.”

President Michael Sata has been playing down any demands for the new constitution popping up with ever getting bolder statements dismissing the demands. He has called for the total ignoring of constitution aocates, called it a non priority and recently scornfully said aocates of the new constitution were just yapping.

Source : Zambia Reports

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