Munkombwe Worried About PF Reputation

Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has charged that there are many individuals in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) who are using the name of the party to engage in harmful activities, such as swindling businessmen out of their money.

In an interview Zambia Reports, Munkombwe also commented that long serving members of the PF must not discriminate against new members of the party.

Speaking from Livingstone, the Southern Province Minister who formerly served in the MMD government, said it was criminal for PF members to engage in wrongdoing using the name of the party.

He said the major culprits in the habit of abusing the name of the party were those who considered themselves to be founding members of the PF.

“There are some people who are doing wrong things in the name of the party, even in Southern Province here and some of them are bragging that we are founding members of the PF. My appeal is that let us focus on growing the ruling party here in Southern Province. Being possessive and marginalising new members who want to join us. Munkombwe said merely being a founding member of the PF was not enough to recruite new members,” Munkombwe said.

He said genuine members of the PF must not engage in wrongdoing using the party name.

He said although PF members were in government and needed to eat, they must not do it with impunity.

The 82-year-old minister boasted that Sata appointed him to be the PF chairperson for Southern Province because of the confidence he had in him.

Source : Zambia Reports

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