Mulenga Sata May Travel to Israel

Zambian President Michael Sata’s condition is said to have worsened and government is currently making frantic efforts to transport the President’s close relatives to Israel.

A source close to the president claims that Sata has been admitted to a Military Hospital, and has told Zambia Reports in an exclusive interview that Cabinet Office is making efforts to quickly facilitate for the travel of close relatives including President Sata’s son Mulenga.

“The President’s condition is said to be worsening and efforts are being made to send close relatives to Israel including his son Mulenga who is the Lusaka Mayor. I’m told he is at a military hospital,” the source said.

In the absence of any official announcement, press conference, or public notification by the Zambian government with regard to the president’s status, it has not been possible to confirm Mulenga Sata’s intention to travel to Israel.

Source : Zambia Reports

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