Msoni Condemns Handling of Draft Constitution

Political activist Nason Msoni has added his voice to condemning the manner government has handled the draft constitution with the Technical Committee saying it has surrendered it to the Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary.

Msoni, who is All People’s Congress president, has warned that the constitution making process will cost the PF election victory.

Below is Msoni’s Full Statement:

Stalled constitution making process could prove lethal and prematurely eject PF from government unceremoniously.

We warn the PF government not to underestimate the extent and the potency and the desire and determination by the Zambian people to have a people driven constitution.

The reported willful and deliberate handing-over of the 10 draft constitution documents by the technical committee drafting the constitution to the office of the permanent secretary of the ministry of justice is by all accounts suspicious and baffling and goes against the initial proposal to simultaneously handover the document to the President and the public.

However the reported denial by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice Mr. Akafumba that he hasn’t received the documents and that he would not accept them because he was not the appointing authority deepens the mystery and suspicion surrounding the whereabouts of the documents giving the immediate impression that government is up to no-good on the process.

The lack of political will by the PF government is apparent and clearly seen by their numerous senseless excuses over the process.

By all accounts it will take more concerted efforts from various stakeholders and our co-operating partners to compel this government to put the process back on track.

Our hopes and aspirations will not be dimmed by the actions of a few selfish individuals desperately intent-on frustrating the speedy delivery of the constitution.

Enemies of social progress working against the collective will and aspirations of the Zambian people should be named and shamed and at best exposed.

Source : Zambia Reports

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