M’Membe Punishes Junior Reporter Over Kaingu Article

Post Newspapers editor-in-chief Fred M’membe has moved one of his reporters from the news desk for giving an unfavourable report on the on-going wrangles in the MMD.

M’membe, who is at the centre of the operation to obliterate the MMD using his puppeteer Michael Kaingu, got incensed when the reporter Allan Mulenga told his colleagues that he had got information the opposition Mwandi MP had received money from the PF to destabilize the fight against the constitution and also sell out the MMD to PF.

When M’membe heard Mulenga’s version, he staged a fake call with his reporters listening on to query Kaingu if he had received money from PF to which a shocked Kaingu denied.

According to sources, M’membe turned the heat on the junior reporter who wisely opted to keep quiet and saw his article die with his silence.

The reporter has since been moved to the sports desk as punishment for crossing the ‘party’ line.

Stories about Kaingu on the MMD wrangles are personally run through M’membe before publication and if they do not meet his propaganda angle they are naturally trashed with reporters knowing better than to ask.

Source : Zambia Reports

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