M’membe Is a Typical “Nazi Propagandist” [opinion]

Zambia’s only independent daily newspaper, The Daily Nation, has made an indirect reference to PF media campaigner Fred M’membe describing him as that Nazi journalist who used propaganda to spew hate messages leading to the holocaust.

In a jibe at his corrosive hatred for second Republican president Frederick Chiluba, the Daily Nation states without mentioning names that M’membe and his crew which includes Mutembo Nchito will soon be exposed for the thieves they truly are.

Their editorial entitled “Insulting Frederick Chiluba” is one of the few pieces that has sprung to the defence of the father of democracy whose name and legacy M’membe would rather albeit impossible is mentioned nowhere in the history of Zambia.

Below is the full editorial

“Insulting Frederick Chiluba”

There is no honour in insulting the dead. It is an act that is as dastardly as it is in very bad taste.

It is heinous, heartless and distasteful enough to disparage and hound a man to his early grave but conteptible to gloat and continue to disparage a victim in his death when he cannot defend himself.

There is no honour in picking a speck in a victims eye while leaving a log in your own eye.

In life Chiluba was able to defend himself. He went to court and made his case and was acquitted much to their chagrim and discomfiture.

He endured extreme humiliation, some of it totally undeserving and perpetuated by a media campaign nurtured and guided by propaganda tactics refined by Paul Joseph Goebbels a journalist and closest associate of NAZI Germany Adolf Hitler who preached pogrom against the Jews in extreme anti-Semitic propaganda that promoted stereotypes of Jews as materialistic, immoral, cunning, untrustworthy and physically unattractive and rootless wanderers.

The rest is history. Millions of Jews were annihilated in the holocaust. They failed to defend themselves and the world stood by as they were shepherded to concentration camps for extermination. The less fortunate were incinerated in Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Chelmno.

To date many people still deny the holocaust. Such is the power of propaganda.

Little wonder Chiluba stood no chance to the efficacy and power of a relentless and sustained media campaign. He tried to defend himself from slander and calumny but without any meaningful media his efforts were futile and was thus consigned to his early grave, interred with his good deeds while his alleged wrong doings remained, perpetuated by the unrelenting hatred campaign that followed him into death.

Goebbels knew and taught that a lie repeated often enough becomes a truth, thus Chiluba has been, for the time being, destined to ignominy and no effort will as yet redeem him, but one small cantankerous Zambian tribe has an unusually wise saying that states “Ubufi bulaya no kubwela.. before the truth arrives.”

The truth is indeed arriving and Zambians will soon know the true thieves and plunderers. Those who are trying to steal billions by using the law and technicalities will be exposed for who they truly are.

Chiluba is dead. Nothing will be gained from vilifying him in death except perhaps to assuage our guilt and shame for the heinous offences we have committed which pale Chiluba’s wrong doing into insignificance.

While Chiluba is dead, there are other victims of persecution and savage abuse of power who are alive and have every right to clear their names, through the courts of law even those compromised by dubious nole prosequi. Not all judicial officers can be compromised.

Even propaganda has its limits. Nothing will put down a good man. Sooner rather than later the truth will be known and the villains will be exposed for what they truly are, criminals, thieves and plunderers who have abused state power by holding office holders hostage.

Source: Daily Nation

Source : Zambia Reports

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