MMD Youth Re-State Mumba Support

MMD youths have restated their loyalty to party President Nevers Mumba even under the current turbulences in the party. Youth chairman Howard Kunda said pro-convention voices had failed in their agenda and should seek to make peace with the party or leave.

Kunda, who is also Muchinga constituency Member of Parliament, said the money that the convention was going to gobble was better used for re-organizing the former ruling party. “On the issue of the convention, yes the constitution provides for those things, but the question is have those people petitioned?” he said.

“What we are saying is we do not have the time to go to the convention now. We do not have money to start going to a convention, that money if it there should be used to re-organize the party. ” Kunda said Mumba had been mandated to run the party for five years and anybody wishing to takeover should wait for his tenure to lapse.

“He has a mandate of five years and we are going to give him that chance. An extraordinary convention is supposed to be there when there is a crisis and there is no crisis in MMD,” he said. “We are not short of leaders we are moving to correct the situation, to correct the perceptions, we are there to rule and continue where we said we will continue.”

The MMD has in the recent past been firefighting the calls for an extraordinary convention that seem to have died down after the protagonists were exposed for having been secretly meeting with the Patriotic Front Secretary General and the defacto PF communication chief Fred M’membe.

MMD vice president who admitted to the clandestine meetings has been receiving generous acres of space in The Post Newspapers but has failed to win over the general membership on his reportedly sponsored scheme.

Source : Zambia Reports

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