MMD for Clean Campaigns – Nevers Mumba

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy President Nevers Mumba says the former ruling party is revolutionizing politics in the country by sticking to clean language.

Mumba said the MMD as the pioneer of multi party politics was trying to lead by example and be a model political party.

He said the jubilee celebrations should mark a shift to a new culture of competing amongst each other as politicians.

“The MMD is going to bring a new style of politics that is devoid of insults. We are going to bring a new culture especially that this is a jubilee year,” Mumba said.

“To mark this jubilee we have to mark a new beginning, a new hope to our people.”

Mumba’s MMD has also stepped up their campaigns in the August, 19 parliamentary by-election that fell vacant after their member Taundi Chiseke had his seat nullified by the Supreme Court.

Chiseke had been serving as Deputy Minister in the PF government against the wishes of his party.

Source : Zambia Reports

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