Misa Officials Visit Hot FM

The Media Institute of Southern Africa has visited privately owned Hot FM radio station and encouraged the station to soldier on in the face of hostilities.

Hot FM has come under the spotlight following their having run a news item over the reported failing health of President Michael Sata and have since been censured by the Independent Broadcasting Authority who have asked them to run weeklong apologies but the station has refused.

Leading the MISA delegation was acting chairperson Helen Mwale who said the IBA had stepped its bounds by ordering Hot FM to run an apology in an event where there was no complainant.

Mwale said the IBA seemed to have forgotten that they were only partially operational in the absence of an independent board.

She said the behaviour of the IBA underscored why there was urgent need to appoint an independent board to free the institution that was currently operating as an extension of the Ministry of Information.

“We would like you to continue the work you are doing. As regards the threats from the IBA we feel they overstepped their mandate especially that the complainant in the matter is unknown,” Mwale said.

“The IBA is currently only partially operational and without a board it means they are currently just a wing under the Ministry of Information.”

Mwale said the government should learn to live with the idea of a free media.

Station Manager Oscar Chavula said the station will stand resolute in informing the public regardless of the threats.

Source : Zambia Reports

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