Miles Sampa’s Taxi Scheme Failing

Following Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa’s launch of a business scheme involving his taxis as a master plan to create jobs and empower youths, some young people in the area have vowed not to enlist for programme because they say it is tantamount to “modern day slavery.”

The reaction from the young people follows the recent launch of a revolving pyramid scheme in which Miles Sampa has invested in over 10 second hand Japanese units that have been distributed to PF cadres who are posing as taxi drivers in Matero.

According to the revolving scheme, the taxi drivers would be remitting K600 every week for the next three years. After the three year threshold, the individuals would have contributed over K90, 000 and the unit automatically becomes their property, while the money is reinvested to accommodate more youths on the scheme.

A simple research shows that the actual price of the reconditioned Japanese unit is around K30, 000, while other drivers under similar schemes elsewhere remit K500 every week.

This is why some young people interviewed said the scheme by Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa was an exorbitant shylock that was only focused on milking the poor people to born.

They said Sampa must find better and mutually beneficial methods of youth empowerment because the current scheme where taxi drivers were subjected to an expensive hire purchase scheme was exorbitant.

Some youths who operate at Oddy’s Filling Station and Matero Market said the MP and his cronies were the only people to benefit from the taxi hire scheme.

“In any case, it is not only Miles Sampa who is doing this kind of scheme. There are many business people who buy small vehicles and let the driver work for it over a reasonable period of time. This is why most of the people here do not want to enlist for the scheme with Miles Sampa because it is a business and a campaign gimmick for the MP,” said James Chizombu.

Chizombu said the Patrotic Front (PF) had failed to offer any meaningful employment to youths in Zambia adding that schemes like the one Miles Sampa was pulling was a futile attempt to hoodwink people into thinking the PF was a working government.

Another youth Japhet Mambwe said the Miles Sampa’s scheme was welcome, but it should not be viewed as the work of a parliamentarian adding that this was a pure business ventured wrapped in politics. He said the scheme was expensive because remitting K600 every week was modern day slavery because the figure was too high for impoverished young people who are operating in a community that is equally economically challenged.

“Very few people want to go and join that scheme. It is expensive. It is like making yourself a slave because you will just be working for the MP and by the time you finish paying for the vehicle, the same vehicle would have been a wreck. Three years is just too long a period to pay for a motor vehicle,” he said.

Source : Zambia Reports

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