Masebo Turns Legal Battle On Harrington

Feeling the financial pinch of political isolation dismissed Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo has made a last ditch attempt to recoup her soiled image by suing tribunal petitioner William Harrington.

Masebo, who was fired by President Michael Sata 10 days ago for having gone in overdrive in cancelling 19 concession hunting safari licences, has filed a defamation claim in the Lusaka High Court.

She said Harrington had petitioned her based on newspaper reports and that there was lack of hard evidence against her.

The highly extravagant lawmaker’s plea during the tribunal was dealt a mortal blow when Attorney General Mumba Malila showed no love by telling the judge Rhoyah Kaoma tribunal that Masebo had no powers to dissolve the board.

It did not help her cause that she claimed that President Michael Sata had instructed her to fire the board – a move which had exposed the Head of State to the possibility of impeachment however ambitious under the current legal system it may have been.

Masebo is also seeking compensation for the legal costs of the uptown law firms that she used and also the transport for the numerous witnesses she paraded in her thin quest to save her skin.

Source : Zambia Reports

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