Mangani’s Mistake Was to Trust Kabimba, Says Mwanza

Former Eastern Province Patriotic Front (PF) Youth Chairman Frederick Mwanza has said party secretary general Wynter Kabimba has “sacrificed” Lameck Mangani.

Commenting on the recent firing of Mangani as the ruling party’s chairman in Eastern Province by Michael Sata, Mwanza said Kabimba should have been fired together with Mangani for stirring confusion, divisions and fanning intra-party strife in the ruling party.

He said Mangani was warned not to trust Kabimba too much because one day, he would find himself alone after being thrown out of the party.

Mwanza said Lameck Mangani’s own arrogance and failure to take aice had caused him his current problems because he thought he would be Wynter Kabimba’s right hand man forever.

He said the PF in eastern province would never regain the level of popularity it had attained prior to the 2011 general elections saying the selfishness, greed hunger for power and vanity among the ruling members especially at the senior level had demoralized the masses from believing in Sata’s party.

He said the PF had a mammoth task to garner convincing votes in the eastern province during the 2016 elections.

“What should have happened is that Kabimba should have gone also because most of the things that Lameck Mangani did were direct instructions from Kabimba. You can see clearly that the two failed to agree somewhere and because kabimba is senior and influencial,he had to sacrifice Lameck Mangani who is also paying for being a treacherous and selfish person that he has been when he was in good books with kabimba,” he said.

Mwanza said the sacking of Lameck Mangani from his position had marked the end of the political career for the former Chipata central Member of Parliament.

He said no political party would recruit Mangani because he had lost his usefulness in politics because Zambian politics is about people with influence and those who were relevant and able to convince the masses.

“Lameck Mangani has been done donchi kubeba (don’t tell) and many of us in the PF here in eastern province are not sad about it. It is a good thing that has happened and we are not spending sleepless nights about it. Let Mangani face the world on his own now because he has no power and no friends. The only boss he had has now dropped him like a hot potato,” he said.

When contacted, Mangani said he was not bitter about his sacking from the helm of the party in eastern province.

He said he was still pondering his next move and recover from the sacking adding that this would be when he would issue a comprehensive statement on the matter.

Last week, Kabimba publicly humiliated Mangani during an open party mobilization programme in Chipata after it was realized that drunk and unruly party cadres who were taunting Kabimba were actually organized by Mangani.

And on Monday this week, president announced the removal of Mangani as the chairman for the ruling party in eastern province.

Of late, there have been frictions between Lameck Mangani and other PF members in eastern province who accused Mangani of being responsible for the suspension of the entire provincial executive committee.

The suspended members of the provincial executive committee accused Mangani of being a treacherous person who was forwarding lies and gossips the party’s secretary general.

Source : Zambia Reports

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